What is OTFI?

OTFI stands for Ontario Taekwon-Do Federation International. We are a not for profit organization bringing together ITF schools and practitioners across Ontario.

The objectives of the OFTI are to promote and educate residents of Ontario on ITF Taekwon-Do through various activities and initiatives including, but not limited to, hosting educational events for member clubs (i.e. seminars, workshops, etc.), sanctioning tournaments within Ontario, as well as ensuring adherence to the rules and regulations, including technical standards, of the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International (CTFI) and International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).

Who can become a member?

To become a member you must be an active student (regardless of rank or age) with an affiliated school. You can see the list of affiliated schools here: http://otfi.ca/clubs/

How much does it cost?

There is a small fee per person per calendar year:

  • New members: $20
  • Existing members: $10

To enroll for 2019, you must register and submit your payment no later than December 31, 2018.

Why should I become a member?

OTFI members will have many benefits.

Immediate benefits

  • Strong network and support system for students, parents, instructors and school owners;
  • Two sponsored events per calendar year (i.e. seminars, workshops, etc.); one in the National Capital Region and one in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region
    Discounted rates for OTFI-affiliated events such as tournaments, workshops, seminars, etc.

Future benefits

  • Support for events, such as tournaments, workshops, seminars, etc.;
  • Purchase of materials and resources for events (cost-savings for all OTFI-affiliated schools);
  • Funding for competitive athletes who qualify for World Championships through the National Selection Process as well as official National Team coaches.

How do I enroll?

It’s easy! You can enroll on your own online: http://otfi.ca/otfi-membership-application/

You can also download, print and complete this form and return it to your instructor: http://otfi.ca/otfi-member-registration-form/

Who do I pay?

Once you complete the online or paper form, submit your payment (cash or cheque payable to OTFI – Ontario Taekwon-Do Federation International) to your instructor.

Your instructor will send everything to the OTFI on your behalf!

I have more questions!

We have more answers! Contact us at info@otfi.ca or call Ms Lisa Perry, Secretary, OTFI at 613-875-1842.